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Sc-lith Nero Marquina Kitchen worktop

Sc-lith Nero Marquina Keukenblad top is made of porcelain . As a result, it offers practical solutions for extensive projects. It has a natural look. With the intention of replacing many uses in marble for both indoor and outdoor use. Sc-lith Nero Marquina Kitchen top and can be recognized by the special plate size: 3200×1600 mm. These are available from stock in 12 mm.

Own import of  Sc-lith Nero Marquina Kitchen top

In order to keep up with the competition, a good import policy is needed. StoneCenter imports the De SC-Lith ceramic tops. StoneCenter mainly imports the Ceramic tops from Spain . This allows us to stock the most popular colors on the market and offer them even cheaper. Because we do our own import, the color variations have increased enormously and we can even offer.

There is another reason why we use our own imports. Our low prices do not come at the expense of quality. We win the competition with a good import policy. Namely, choosing the ceramic blades yourself at an automated factory, so in addition to the control of the factory itself, our control is also present. If you want to know what other benefits there are, please read on.


The basis of a beautifully finished end product depends on technical and practically perfect in measured customization. It is exactly the same if you have laid the first stone correctly. But it also carries risk. Due to the many years of experience, surveying has become a field of StoneCenter. StoneCenter measures very accurately by means of a digital measuring instrument. Despite this, errors can remain human, but luckily, because we have everything in stock, we can quickly correct the mistake. Using our digital meter, we can measure most unusual situations on site and make a technical drawing. By means of the digital measurement and the production drawing, the sheets are delivered within 5 to 10 working days. This way you can quickly put your product into use.

Sc-lith Nero Marquina Kitchen worktop as end product

StoneCenter makes Nero Marquina Ceramic worktops in the form of kitchen worktops, window sills, facade panels and interior custom work, etc. SC-Lith is 100% anti-bacterial, scratch resistant (except polished tops) and water-tight. This makes it the most suitable raw material for Keukenblad. SC-Lith is easy to maintain and clean. It is also resistant to any very pollution and acids. StoneCenter has SC-Lith has 12mm thickness as standard in stock.

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Would you like to request a quote immediately? You can easily request a quote online. In that case you will receive them within 24 hours. You can also visit our showrooms and choose your kitchen worktop.

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