Rainforest green marmer Keukenblad


The prices are a guideline price for a depth of 60 cm and per linear meter EX VAT.
2 cm thickness normally €309
Solid Look 4-8 ​​cm €395 excl VAT
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Rainforest green marble Need a kitchen worktop?

You have come to the right place at StoneCenter. As a specialized natural stone company, we at StoneCenter supply various natural stone products made of different materials such as Marble and Composite. We hereby offer our well-known Rainforest green marble Kitchen top with desired thickness and finishes.

Rainforest green marble

Rainforest green marble is a green marble stone and has brown and cream colored veins that give the kitchen worktop a natural look. Our marble is of high quality at an affordable price. Natural stone in its most beautiful form. Rainforest green marble is stylish and also very suitable as floor tile, wall tile and bathroom tile. Using marble tiles in your home is durable and easy to maintain. Marble in your bathroom or on your floor is practical. The Rainforest green marble also has a timeless appearance. Partly caused by the beautiful green color and fine cream-brown colored veins that are characteristic of this light green marble. Natural stone itself has a rich appearance.

Why marble?

In the past marble was a normal raw material that was used as a kitchen top and now due to increasing demand, more and more marble is used as an end product. Marble is a metamorphosed sand-lime brick that consists of very pure calcium carbonate with a high strength. There are many types of marble, but most shapes are translucent and this gives a clean result in an interior.

Features of Rainforest green marble Kitchen Top

Rainforest green marble Kitchen top, like most types of stone, is a natural product and this provides characteristics that you should take into account. Marble is softer than granite and therefore has its drawbacks to limit scratching or acid susceptibility. But the natural look brings a timeless atmosphere to your home.

Delivery time of Rainforest green marble Kitchen top!

StoneCenter delivers its marble products very quickly. Because we have the Rainforest green marble in stock. It goes without saying that we have already installed within 10 working days.

Request a quote online

Would you like to request a quote immediately? That is possible, you can easily request a quote online . In that case you will have them within 24 hours. You can also visit our showrooms and choose your kitchen top. If you have a question or would like more information about kitchen worktops, you can reach us via our contact page.


Extra informatie

Gewicht 1 kg

gepolijst of glanzend



Keukenblad dikte

2 cm massief, 4 tot 8 cm opgedikt in verstek, 4 tot 8 cm opgedikt met waterkering


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