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The Prices are a target price for a depth of 60 cm and per running meter EX VAT.
2cm mssive normal €190,80
Solid Look 4-8 ​​cm normal €310.80
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Need Granite Kitchen Worktop Star Galaxy?

As a specialized natural stone company, we supply various natural stone products made of different materials such as granite and composite at StoneCenter . We offer our well-known granite kitchen worktop Star Galaxy with the desired thickness and finishes.

Why granite

We often get the question from our customers what it is best to choose a kitchen worktop. Well that is very difficult to give our customers honest advice, because granite has its advantages and even its disadvantages. Granite is very hard. As a result, granite can withstand a lot of impacts from everyday life. However, you can read more about the characteristics of granite below and it may make your choice a bit easier.

Features (Granite Kitchen Top Star Galaxy)

As you have already read in the previous paragraph, we will now continue with the characteristics of granite. Granite has advantages and disadvantages. Before we start with the advantages of granite, we would first like to explain the disadvantages. Since you already know that granite consists of many quartz particles, it can be very porous. If you look over granite with grazing light, you will immediately see many hair cracks. In the first place it seems very harmless, but with many light colored granite types, staining can be a major problem. While the quartz particles provide a lot of strength, it can also have a weak characteristic. Namely discoloration due to heat. Quartz fades by coming into contact with heat or chemical reaction. For example by heavy acids or hot pan.

Although the disadvantages can be very unpleasant, the advantages of granite is its strongest side. Granite is very strong, which makes it very resistant to scratches and abrasion. Durability is high on the list and can last a very long time. Even after 5 years, granite still looks like new. Moreover, granite is hygienic in the kitchen and therefore makes it easy to leave the food on the kitchen worktop without any problem. All in all, granite is very easy to use and maintain, even with lukewarm water it is a good solution for most pollution. Despite this, StoneCenter recommends an acid-free cleaner, including the natural stone worktop cleaner. In summary, granite is recommended for many applications and with its unique colors it provides a luxurious and natural look.

Maintenance Granite Kitchen worktop Star Galaxy

Granite maintenance is often very difficult to look at. On the contrary, Granite Kitchen Top Star Galaxy is very easy to maintain . Only for the light colored granite types one has to impregnate the surface and for dark types only a deepening of the color is more than sufficient. As we have already explained about cleaning, we would like to make it clear that cleaning without acid is very sensible and can only be cleaned with limescale cleaner in the event of an emergency. Before applying the scale cleaner anyway, we would advise you to try it on an inconspicuous spot first to make sure you do not damage it. Cover it with a clean cloth after each wash to prevent limescale build-up.

Own import of granite

Business is tricky. Especially in a competitive country like the Netherlands. Many companies are already importing ready-made products via cheaper countries in order to compete. On the other hand, StoneCenter does all its production in the Netherlands and imports all its raw plate materials from the relevant countries. It is already known that many granite types come from warm countries. such as India, Brazil, South Africa etc.

StoneCenter imports 90% granite from India. This allows us to stock the most well-known varieties on the market and even offer them cheaper. Because we do our own import, the color variations have increased enormously and we can offer our customers all desired colors. There is another reason why we use our own imports. Our low prices do not come at the expense of quality. We win the competition with a good import policy. Namely, choosing the plates yourself at an automated factory that can get its granite blocks directly from the quarry, so that saves a lot of time and transport costs. Finally, it also provides more advantages in production, you can read more about the advantages about this.

Granite in production

In the first place, production appears to be an easy process. On the contrary, there are many factors involved. Such as sawing, polishing, recessing, gluing, short delivery time, etc. For this StoneCenter bought many machines to make the production process easier and to make it run faster. Most important of all is the short delivery time. Namely with the right tool and craftsmanship, StoneCenter makes its products within 5 to 10 working days. From a small sill to kilometers of window sills is also part of our short delivery policy. In short, high quality, fast and cheap.


The basis of beautifully finished product depends on technically and practically perfect in measured product. It is exactly the same if you put the first stone correctly. But it also involves risk. Due to the many years of experience, surveying has become a StoneCenter field. Nevertheless, mistakes can remain human, but fortunately, because we have everything in stock, we can quickly correct the mistake. We can measure most types of situations on site and, if necessary, we make a mold from wooden plate. By means of a mold and the production drawing, the custom products are made within 5 to 10 days after the measurement date. This means that the product can be picked up, delivered and even assembled.

Deliver granite

Before an end product is made and ready for delivery, they are thoroughly checked for scratches, dimensional stability and damage. Then they are neatly fixed on a plate cart. Please note that a kitchen worktop or a windowsill becomes very weak when it is loaded flat and that is why we recommend transporting it on its side. Because we load the cart full of kitchen worktops or window sills directly, without over-stacking, we can work very efficiently. In the same way it is easy, together with extra auxiliary power, the products are also unloaded. Finally, you can pay the remaining amount easily and safely with the mobile pin device.


Many of our customers choose measurement, delivery and assembly package from us, very sensibly. This shifts all risk to StoneCenter. You also benefit from our professional installation options. Each assembly is different and can also take longer or shorter. While you are reading the newspapers while enjoying a cup of coffee, our technicians will install your Granite Kitchen worktop Star Galaxy, window sills, facade plinths or even your window sills without bothering you. Do you have questions about this and would you like to assemble it yourself. Our colleagues will be happy to help you.

request a quote Granite Kitchen worktop Star Galaxy

Everything is improving from day to day and the internet as a means of communication only becomes more important for everyone. As a result, StoneCenter benefits from the technology and makes it easy for its customers to request quotes for their desired application. With a simple click of a button and the correct information in the request, you can immediately request a quote . If you still wish to speak to a staff, it is best to call 015-257 49 90 for Delft and 076 – 515 56 69 for Breda .


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2 cm massief, 4 tot 8 cm opgedikt in verstek, 4 tot 8 cm opgedikt met waterkering


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