Afin Smooth surface cleaner 500ml

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Afin Smooth surface cleaner

Afin smooth surface cleaner is a very effective, non-aggressive solvent for residue-free cleaning of various surfaces. StoneCenter offers this cleaner from stock.

  • Can be used without risk on sensitive surfaces.
  • Cleaning hard stone, granite, sandstone, marble, composite etc.
  • Cleans and degreases well suitable for concrete or concrete look blades
  • Without acetone, methanol, trichlorethane and xylol

It effortlessly cleans residues of glue, foil, stickers, tape, highlighter, oil stains


Scope of application:

Afin Smooth surface cleaner can function as a composite, natural stone and ceramic cleaner. In addition, it also cleans metal, wood, cement, stone, tiles, most types of plastic, plexiglass, machine installations and equipment, tools, engines, chains and almost all painted surfaces.

  • It cleans and degreases surfaces for adhesive impregnation and coating applications.
  • For removing grease, oil and silicone contaminants, wax, resin, liquid residues and UV contrast media.
  • It removes the stains from textiles
  • For removing markers from marker pens
  • It dissolves the stains from stickers, foil and tape
  • For smoothing and removing grout that has not hardened



  1. thoroughly wet the surfaces to be cleaned
  2. let it take effect
  3. wipe off the contamination with a clean, dry cloth
  4. if necessary repeat the whole process again


Afin Smooth surface cleaner as the best for Belgian hard stone concrete look

After months of research, we have come to the conclusion that Afin Smooth surface cleaner is the best cleaner to remove most stains, including oil stains, from BHS concrete look tops. That is why we also advise our customer to use this cleaner for intensive cleaning.


You can easily order your Afin Smooth surface cleaner online

Do you want to have the cleaning agent directly at home? you can order the maintenance resources online. In that case you will have them at home within a few days. You can also visit our showrooms and choose your product (natural stone) directly.

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